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Our Past...

Our Head Chef Martin McCann has over 25 years experience in the catering industry.

From the age of 13, learning from his mother at Trudi's Restaurant in Dun-Laoghaire, Martin soon realised his passion for food. Travelling to England to further his career, Martin worked in some of London's finest establishments. From there he continued to travel the world broadening his knowledge of different cuisines and cultures, before returning to Ireland with his family to per-sure his career as the catering manager/head chef on the production of Vikings.

Here at The Celtic Soul Food Company, we strive on providing the highest stanards and most memorable experiences within the catering industry. We regulary review our competitors, keeping up with market trends and new produce. We aim to use the freshest and healthiest ingredients in our ever changing menus.

At Present...

Our Future...

Our hope is for every client catered for by the Celtic Soul Food Company to look no further than us for all of there catering needs, from small functions to huge productions. We want everyone to be able to share and appriciate our love and passion for the food we create for you. 

Celtic Soul Food Company - Not just a name it's a


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